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  Hi! I have written a short piece about my LOVE of cruising. I can’t wait to hear yours!

  Cruising is the best way to take a vacation. The moment you step onto the parking lot …you’re on vacation. Someone will come and take your luggage; they will direct it to your room. While you’re in line to register you can feel the excitement and see the ship. You walk the plank in anticipation of where you’re going. When you step onto the ship the captain may greet you with a complimentary cocktail….....and so it begins.    

  When you get to your room you may want to unpack and put your suitcase under your bed and out of the way. If I want my formal dress pressed or dry cleaned I find the form and get it ready to go; this is usually inexpensive and most convenient. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, you need to check out the view of where you are leaving!!!!

  Dinner is always a highlight for me; the first night is casual and easy going. We always ask for a table large enough to seat people we do not know.  This way we get to meet them and that proves to be most interesting because they are usually from some unfamiliar place.

 The formality starts when the head waiter leads you to your table, pulls out your chair, hands you your napkin etc. the brushing off the crumbs in between courses always gets to me and THERE ARE COURSES: appetizer, soup, salad, entrées (meat, poultry, seafood, vegetarian) and desert. You can have one or more of each course if you want. Sometimes you may want two of the problem. Don’t forget the deserts sometimes we would order all of them and share. Most ships offer various choices for dining, this was just one example.  

 After dinner you may have some time before the show starts (most ships offer entertainment) maybe a stroll on the deck; to walk off some of those courses. The entertainment is first rate; we especially like musicals done with the ships personal entertainers. The various night clubs are not just for drinking, you are welcome to just sit if you want ….they have singing, dancing, and games. Don’t forget the pools, hot tubs, mini golf, bowling…or whatever your ship has to offer. There is always something or nothing to do.

 While you were dining your room steward was turning down your bed, cleaning your room and just making you feel like you are on vacation. They may have left you an itinerary for tomorrow; it’s a great way to plan your day. I suggest that you check out your excursions before you board. If there is something that you are really interested in you should book it so you won’t miss out. Also check out where your ship docks, if it is in the center of town or quite a distance from things. That may determine what to do with the time you have. Just have fun. You can stay on the ship or come back at any time before you departure.    

Before bed remember to fill out your room service menu its great wakeup call with fresh coffee!! 



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